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December 05, 2013



Woo hoo!! How does one collect their pass for next year? Will an email be sent out because I haven't seen one yet. Just curious. Thanks for the 3-day pass and thank you for a fantastic AU experience!

AU Team

Congratulations, Matt! You are most welcome. Yes, you will be notified by email. If you don't receive anything in the next couple of weeks, let me know.


Daniel Anderson.

Are you sure? I followed the top 25 names each day, and do not see some of them ever in the top 25, especially Thursday.

I do not see Eva-Maria Felgenhauer, Global or Elizabeth Shulok, Structural Integrators LLC

Anywhere near top 25.

And what about the ipad mini given away for the ADN Hunt?

AU Team

Daniel: We did make one mistake on Thursday. On the blog post, we had the winner for leaderboard and survey winner reversed. I've made the change to the blog entry.

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